Social & Entertainment

Social & Entertainment

At Gonengo Lighting, we place high importance on creating a healthy, safe, and relaxing workspace for our staff. Located in Zhongshan City, China, we prioritize adherence to labor laws and aim to provide equitable compensation packages that include salaries and benefits to all our employees.

Our commitment to our employees extends beyond their work in the factory. Our social and entertainment areas, which include a canteen and a dormitory building with personal storage and laundry facilities, are separate from the factory area. Each dormitory is equipped with basic living necessities to ensure our employees have a comfortable living environment.

We believe that a healthy and happy workplace is crucial to our employees’ mental and physical well-being. Therefore, we strive to create a healthy, entertaining, and open environment for our staff. We regularly organize team-building activities, provide access to sports facilities, and encourage open communication channels between management and staff.

At Gonengo Lighting, we recognize that our employees are the backbone of our company’s success, and we are committed to providing a safe, healthy, and enjoyable work environment.


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