Production Process

Stage 1

The Gonengo lighting process is separated into 5 critical steps.
From crude materials to delivery, Gonengo ensures a comprehensive manufacturing process. Each step is managed under the safest procedure. Our quality standards are the highest possible to ensure that each LED hexagon light is both high-quality and effective.

Raw Materials Sourcing:

  1. Imported LED chips.
  2. Self-developed energy-saving control system.
  3. Automatic power-off protection system.

This step ensures that the company uses the best quality raw materials to produce its hexagon LED lights.

Stage 2

Design and Fabrication:

1. Once the raw materials are sourced, the customized design begins.
2. After the customized design, the products are created by engineers.
3. Company provides a standard manufacturing process system to ensure the highest quality of products.

Stage 3

DIY Assembly:

1. Each product is a DIY pattern design.
2. We provide installation guides and video demonstrations with final products.

Stage 4

Quality Control:

1. Each LED light is under quality control before packaging.
2. Our comprehensive quality control system includes functional testing, safety testing, and durability testing.

Stage 5

Packaging and Shipping:

1. Branding support for packaging.
2. Once packaging is completed, we ensure the shipping and delivery on time.


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