Car repair workshop light

Car Repair Workshop Light Manufacturer
Gonengo is a professional manufacturer in the field of automotive aftermarket lighting, specializing in the fabrication and design of auto repair shop lighting with 13 years of experience. Our partner is Twinbush, a well-known German importer of automotive machinery and equipment.
We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality OEM/ODM services and tailor-made high-quality car repair workshop lights.

Car Repair Workshop Light Manufacturer
Gonengo is a professional manufacturer in the field of automotive aftermarket lighting, specializing in the fabrication and design of auto repair shop lighting with 13 years of experience. Our partner is Twinbush, a well-known German importer of automotive machinery and equipment.
We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality OEM/ODM services and tailor-made high-quality car repair workshop lights.

Your Car Repair Workshop Light Supplier

Our lighting for car detailing features various functions, such as adjustable brightness and color temperature, which can be adjusted according to different needs to improve work efficiency and comfort. Our product quality has gained recognition and trust from our vast customer base and has become the preferred brand for many enterprises. We will continue to uphold the concept of “quality first, service first,” innovate and progress continuously, and provide customers with better products and services.

Provide Professional Lighting Layout 3D Design Solutions for Your Project

Our professional team of 3D designers can offer comprehensive lighting and layout design solutions for your project, tailored to meet your specific lighting requirements with exceptional precision and accuracy. Based on your space size and area dimensions, we can provide innovative design solutions that perfectly match your style. All of our services are free of charge, so please feel free to contact our team if you have any requirements.

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Car Repair Workshop Light Applications

The car repair workshop light is widely applicable in various locations such as garages, car washes, auto detailing shops, auto repair factories, hair salons, game rooms, gyms, exhibition halls, supermarkets, restaurants, and other places.

Customer Cases from around the Globe

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4 Key Benefits of Car Repair Workshop Lights

Hassle-Free After-Sales Service

We have a professional and efficient after-sales guidance and service team, providing after-sales service worldwide. Our repair shop lights are designed with a DC external interface for easy maintenance and replacement.

Low Light Decay

Our LED workshop lights use constant current to operate, converting AC power directly into DC power, effectively reducing LED light decay. Our LED power design has a margin of 20% or more to ensure stable performance.

Easy Installation

Our workshop lights LED use a raised bridge design for easy height adjustment. The bridge fixing nut can slide, making it easy to install even when the screw is off-center.

Free Guidance

We provide free training, including installation instructions, effect diagrams, and installation guidance, for our dealers' installers and salespeople.

Car repair workshop light is available in various models and sizes

Chip: Epistar
LED bead (2 cm): 2835 SMD, 0.5W/LED
Material: Aluminum lamp body, PVC cover
Power: 163w, 320w, 355w, 434w, 480w, 543w, 725w, 731w, 53w/m
Color: White (6500K), and for the 2cm width lights, there are also warm white (3500K), blue, and pink options.
Width: 2cm, 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 24cm
2cm*(40cm, 60cm, 120cm),
8cm*(106.4cm, 113cm, 117.5cm, 120.5cm, 136.7cm, 235cm, 235.8cm, 254.3cm),
10cm*(241.5cm, 481.5cm),
12cm*(120cm, 120.2cm),
24cm*(107cm, 119cm)
Space size: W2542mm*L4893mm, size can be customized
Installation method: surface installation, suspension installation

car repair workshop light

Customizable Color Temperature:

Our auto shop lights use color temperature adjustment technology, with a primary color temperature of 6500K (white). The color temperature can be adjusted to either 3000-3500K or 3500-5000K.

The warm white light of 3000-3500K is suitable for creating a cozy atmosphere, while the natural white light of 3500-5000K is ideal for improving visual clarity in places like offices, laboratories, etc.

The 6500K white light is suitable for places that require high-brightness illumination, such as auto repair shops, auto detailing shops, garages, auto body shops, etc.

By adjusting the color temperature, our lights can meet the lighting efficiency and comfort requirements of the same place and demand.
(Tube width is 2cm)

Customizable Brightness:

Our car detailing lights features adjustable brightness, which can be adjusted between 30%, 60%, and 100%.

This type of light not only provides different levels of illumination but can also be adjusted to different needs, making the work environment more comfortable and efficient.

Whether performing precise repair work or working for an extended period, our car repair workshop light can provide the best lighting effect.

At the same time, the adjustable brightness function can also save energy and extend the life of the light, making it a very practical lighting device.
(Tube width is 2cm)

car detailing light

The Highlights of Our Car Repair Workshop Light Product Include:

1. Exterior design: Featuring a DIY assembly design with a circular shape, our product is easy and quick to install. The appearance of the product allows light to be evenly displayed on the surface, creating a sense of space and attracting customers’ attention.

2. Stable and practical structure: Our car detailing light features a lamp frame made of aluminum alloy profiles and an efficient fiber circuit board. It also uses imported chips and high-energy self-owned brand drivers, along with PC light guide mirror plates and ACET synthetic materials. The product is designed to be anti-oxidative, ensuring a lifespan of over 5 years.

3. No mosquito troubles: Our workshop lights don’t produce radiation like ultraviolet or infrared light, contain no harmful substances such as mercury, and produce less heat. This makes it less attractive to mosquitoes, ensuring a more comfortable working environment. Therefore, it does not attract mosquitoes like traditional light for car detailing, keeping the indoor space clean, hygienic, and tidy.

4. Product value: The interior of our detail shop lighting product features a dust cover at the splicing joint, with no light leakage or shadow in the joint gap. The light produced is free of glare and frequency dispersion while being resistant to insects, dust, and water. The product has a high practical value.

Safety of Car Repair Workshop Light

Our car repair workshop lights are highly safe and certified with various credentials. We prioritize safety in the design and production of our lighting solutions and subject them to rigorous testing and evaluation processes before releasing them to the market. Our commitment to safety ensures that our customers can work in a secure environment with peace of mind.

Certifications include:
1. Invention and Utility Model Patent Certificates
2. CE and ISO Certifications in Europe and the United States
3. PSE Certification in Japan

Car Repair Workshop Light Solutions

car dealership lighting design
auto repair shop lighting

Our solution for car repair workshop lighting includes customized lighting technology specifications and production services to meet your specific needs. Our professional team will work closely with you to design the optimal lighting solution for your business, ensuring outstanding lighting effects and safety assurance. We provide a variety of options to accommodate your unique requirements and tailor solutions that are creative and personalized to your enterprise.

  • Early Stage: Provide customized lighting layout 3D design proposals for your project.

  • Mid Stage: Provide product selection, illuminance calculation, light efficiency calculation, and overall layout configuration solution for your project.

  • Post Stage Support: Ensure production delivery time, with small orders completed within 3-5 days and large orders (500-5000 sets or more) completed within 20-30 days. Products are guaranteed for 2-5 years, and customer support will respond within 10 minutes, providing convenient after-sales services for you.

Why Choose Gonengo to Meet Your Car Dealership Lighting Design Needs

Agency Region System

Gonengo adopts a regional fixed-point agency system, providing all distributors with a unified price list, product catalog, and authorization letter, implementing market control to ensure the company’s healthy development.

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High Color Rendering Index

Our detailing lights have the characteristic of a high color rendering index, which can provide a more realistic and natural lighting effect. The color rendering index refers to the degree of restoration of the color of an object after being illuminated by a lamp, also known as the color rendering index. Our auto detailing lights have a color rendering index of 90 or above, which can restore the true colors of objects and make the work environment clearer.

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We use the most suitable color temperature range for construction, with high color rendering, high illuminance, no flicker, no glare, and no shadows, to ensure that the color of the car paint is not distorted and to improve work efficiency.

DIY Assembly

Adopting a DIY assembly mode, factory-standard production, and equipped with installation guidance and video demonstrations, can save customers more than 60% on labor and capital investment compared to traditional decoration. At the same time, our auto detailing lighting adopts wide voltage 100V-240V isolated constant current and constant voltage drive control, with high safety performance, preventing electric shock hazards caused by improper operation.

LED lighting for car dealerships

OEM/ODM Customization

We offer OEM/ODM customization services, providing customers with high-quality and high-performance lighting solutions. We specialize in customizing car repair workshop lights and have a professional R&D team and advanced production equipment to offer customers comprehensive customization services.

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Repair Workshop Light

LED lights are the best choice for car workshop light due to their energy efficiency, brightness, and long lifespan.

The number of lumens needed for LED lighting for car dealerships can vary depending on the size of the workshop and the type of work being performed.

A color temperature of 5000K to 6500K is recommended for LED lights for car detailing as it provides a bright, cool, and natural light that is easy on the eyes and enhances visibility.

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