Check out hexagon LED lights to upgrade your garage in style


Hexagon LED Lights


Do you wanna upgrade your garage to be garage goals? A garage is not just a place to park your cars or motorcycles. It’s a workspace, a showroom, even a haven where you spend a lot of time to work on your cars, showing your collection, or relaxing with your friends. So, your garage needs a perfect lighting solution called hexagon LED light that improves the functionality and aesthetics of your garage. That’s where Gonengo hexagon LED lights come into your car game.


Let’s find out why to choose hexagon LED lights for your garage, follow the simple steps to install them, and learn more about how to use them in your garage.


Why Choose Hexagon LED Lights for Your Garage?


We, Gonengo, are the original designer and manufacturer of hexagon LED lights. Our led hexagon lights are a stylish lighting solution with high lumen, and adjustable color temperatures from 6500K to 3500K that can transform any space into a modern, unique, and professional style. And they are perfect for creating a dramatic lighting effect for any car or motorcycle and perfect for photo shoots in your garage.


Our hexagon garage lights are equipped with a high technique of energy-saving control system. That can help you cut down your energy bills and make your garage more comfortable to work in.


Moreover, our hexagonal lights are made of high-grade materials such as high-quality aluminum lighting tubes, PC covers, and imported LED chips. They are also fitted out with an automatic power-off protection system and a safety voltage of 24V or 12V. These make the lifespans of our hexagon LED lights longer than any other traditional lights. Thus, you just need to spend less time and little money to replace them over time.


Our hex LED garage lights have lots of shapes, sizes, and even colors. You can create a unique lighting design with your imagination to us and we’ll provide you a perfect lighting solution for your garage. For hexagon lights, we have standard lighting solutions and customize lighting solutions for each client. You can choose the standard size or your customization. You can also choose different colors you like as a border for your hexagon garage light, such as pink, blue, red, green, etc.


How to Install Hexagon LED Lights in Your Garage?


Before you place an order of our hexagrid lights with us, measure the dimension of your garage with its length and width. Then choose the type of our hexagon LED lights you like. After you got the delivery of the hexagon LED light, check the instruction and the installation steps. Turn off the power before you install the lights.


It’s an easy installation process of our hexagon lights due to the DIY assembly pattern design. With the amazing value plug-and-play system, you just need to connect each light tube and connector together till the honeycomb light fixture exists. Then, you have to connect the light wires from the hexagon light fixtures to the electrical wires in the ceiling or wall.


After the honeycomb garage light is in place, turn on the power of your garage and test the lights. You also have to check out the dimmer switches of your hexagon LED lights. Make sure your hexagon garage lights are working properly in the garage and that there are no loose connections or exposed wires or any other problems with the hexagon lights.


How to Use Hexagon LED Lights in Your Garage?


After the installation of our hexagonal led ceiling light in your garage, it would help to illuminate your working area and create a unique lighting effect to draw attention to your vehicles. You can adjust the brightness of the lights for your relaxing or entertaining moods in your garage. Our hexagon lights also can help you to highlight your garage to be the best features and make you feel your garage like a comfortable place rather than a parking place.


Our garage hexagonal led light help divide your garage into different zones, such as a zone for working on your car, a zone for storage or a zone for entertaining, with different color temperatures and color rendering index and create a relaxing, cozy and intimate ambiance in your garage.


Above all, Gonengo hexagonal lights can make your garage more convenient to use, make your garage safe and secure, and help you save energy and save your money.




Gonengo hexagon lights are a good choice to any garage for transforming each garage lamp to be perfect. They are low energy cost, solid and easy to install, making them ideal for anyone who wants to upgrade their garage. By following the tips we show you, you can easily install and use our hexagon ceiling light properly in your garage and create your garage goal that you’ll love to spend time in and enjoy your time in your garage more.

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