ODM process


Gonengo Lighting’s original design manufacturing provides you with excellent service, quality product development, and cost-effective project management to create your very own brand. Gonengo stands side by side with each of our business partners in achieving your business goals in the rapid evolution of today’s market. From the formulation of each product line to the launch day we guide you while creating your brand and your products from scratch.


With our extensive experience in LED hexagon lighting product development, we know what it takes to capitalize on a trend and drive your product’s success. Our product development process is tailored to your specific needs and timeline, and we provide perfect coordination with Gonengo Lighting’s best engineering team, so you can focus on your business.

ODM Process:

  • Design: Our team of experienced designers and engineers provides customized structure layout plans and 3D renderings of our LED lights based on clients’ requirements, ensuring that the design plans meet their specific needs.

  • Manufacturing: Upon approval of the design plan, we initiate the manufacturing process, including sourcing necessary materials and components, managing production operations, and ensuring that the quality of our hexagon LED lights meets clients’ requirements.

  • Packaging and Branding: We offer customized packaging and branding support to ensure that our products are sold under our clients’ brand names. We also ensure timely delivery of our products after packaging and shipping.

  • After-Sales Support: Our comprehensive after-sales support includes warranty repairs and technical assistance to ensure that the final products meet high-quality standards and satisfy clients’ needs.

You will receive efficient and dedicated support along the way while we make your dream product a reality. To learn more, contact us for a consultation and see what we can do to help you kick off right.


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