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By utilizing a robust infrastructure and efficient production processes, Gonengo Lighting provides the highest quality OEM and ODM car workshop lighting manufacturing available, with a focus on safety. Our factories and facilities are distinguished by their spaciousness, efficient production lines, use of state-of-the-art technology, and highly skilled professionals.

gonengo lighting Infrastructure

Factory Information

At Gonengo Lighting, we understand the importance of staying competitive and keeping up with current and upcoming trends in the car workshop lighting market. 

Our manufacturing infrastructure includes machinery that is regularly evaluated and upgraded, allowing us to consistently produce exceptional quality products such as hexagonal lighting systems, RGB hexagon lights, ceiling light panels, and lighting tunnels

With a total factory space of 30,000 square meters, our production plants have the capacity to meet any demand.

Production process

We ensure that every step of the production process is carried out in an efficient, accurate, and safe manner. Firstly, we conduct quality testing on the LED chip and raw materials. Then, we perform aging quality tests on the finished LED lights to ensure that our product quality defect rate is controlled within 3‰. Once all of these tests and checks are completed, the products are transferred to our warehouse and prepared for shipment to our customers.

gonengo lighting Production process


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