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Gonengo is a leading enterprise in the global automotive aftermarket lighting industry, with 13 years of experience specializing in the field of hexagon lights and RGB hexagon lights. Hexagon LED lights, also known as honeycomb lights, are uniquely shaped and made of aviation-grade aluminum and PC materials.
DIY hexagonal lights allow for the creation of various shapes that suit your preferences.

Your Hexagon LED Light Supplier

Gonengo is a leading supplier of high-quality LED hexagon lights and innovative solutions to the global automotive aftermarket. We offer flexible customized solutions including OEM and ODM to meet your needs and preferences. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards for our products, utilizing advanced technology and rigorous quality control systems to ensure maximum durability and performance.

Provide Professional Lighting Layout 3D Design Solutions for Your Project

Our professional team of 3D designers can offer comprehensive lighting and layout design solutions for your project, tailored to meet your specific lighting requirements with exceptional precision and accuracy. Based on your space size and area dimensions, we can provide innovative design solutions that perfectly match your style. All of our services are free of charge, so please feel free to contact our team if you have any requirements.

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Hexagon lights Industry Applications

The honeycomb lights LED is widely applicable in various locations such as garages, car washes, auto detailing shops, auto repair factories, hair salons, game rooms, gyms, exhibition halls, supermarkets, restaurants, and other places.

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Customer Cases from around the Globe

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4 Key Benefits of Hexagon Lights

External Design

The hex LED lights boast a distinctive honeycomb structure, featuring intricate craftsmanship that uniformly concentrates light on the product to create an ambiance of space, comfort, and sophistication.

Exceptionally Bright

Hexagon grid lights are an exceedingly luminous type of LED lighting, utilizing a 6500K CCT light source that enables each watt to produce an output of up to 120 lm/watt. Whether used for commercial, industrial, or residential purposes, hexagon lights are capable of delivering an unparalleled lighting experience.


Hexagrid lights are equipped with imported chips and proprietary, high-energy transformers, which facilitate an impressive maximum brightness of 120ml/watt and offer 60% greater energy efficiency than traditional lamps.

Simple to Install

Hex lights incorporate a direct plug-in, and quick-connect head design and come with professional installation guidelines and instructional videos. Moreover, you have the option to choose one-on-one guidance from an engineer to make installation even more effortless.

Hexagonal Lighting is available in various models and sizes

Material: Aluminum lamp body, PVC cover
Color temperature: White (6500K), warm white (3500K), blue, pink
LED chip: 2835 SMD, 0.5W/LED
Power: 36w, 48w, 102w, 456w, 504w, 534w, 552w, 576w, 745w, 759w, 886w
Width: 2cm, 8cm
Size: 2cm*(40cm, 60cm, 120cm), 8cm*(48cm, 52cm, 56.7cm, 235cm)
Space size: 2433mm*4840mm, size can be customized
Installation method:  Surface mount and pendant mount

Hexagonal Lighting
hexagon lights Customizable Brightness

Customizable Brightness

Hex lighting uses advanced dimming technology, which allows for adjustment between three brightness levels: 30%, 60%, and 100%. You can freely adjust the brightness of the lighting according to different needs and scenes, achieving the best lighting effect.

For example, when fine work is needed, a higher brightness level can be selected to ensure sufficient illumination; while a lower brightness level can be selected to create a soft lighting effect and a warm and comfortable atmosphere.
(2cm width hexagon LED light bars)

Customizable Color Temperature

The LED hexagon lighting features adjustable color temperature, with a range of 6500K-3000K-4500K. Different color temperature ranges are suitable for different scenes and characteristics.

The 6500K color temperature is suitable for daytime use, providing high brightness and clarity, and is ideal for places that require high-brightness lighting, such as car beauty salons and shopping malls.

The 4500K color temperature is suitable for evening use, providing a soft lighting effect and creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere, making it ideal for places like homes and restaurants.

A color temperature of 3000K is suitable for creating a warm atmosphere in settings such as bedrooms and study rooms. By adjusting the color temperature of the lighting, different lighting needs for different scenes can be achieved.

LED hexagon lighting Color Temperature
Honeycomb lighting

Honeycomb lighting features high lumen output and high color rendering performance.

The unique design of LED lights hexagon is both decorative and practical, allowing you to stand out in the automotive aftermarket.
High-quality aluminum and PVC shell materials.
High color rendering index (CRI) of over 90.
The high luminous efficacy of 110-120lm/w.
Long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.
Strong waterproof performance with an IP54 rating.
High safety and wide voltage range of AC100-240V.

Safety of Hexagon Lights Products

Gonengo hexagon LED lighting products that meet Gonengo testing Lab through a variety of standard testing, and through the United States UL product certification can obtain international quality certification.

Certification includes:
1. Patents for invention and utility model certificates
2. CE, UL, ROHS, and ISO certifications in Europe and America
3. CB and SAA certifications in North America
4. PSE certification in Japan

Our Technology Differentiation VS OTHERS

honeycomb ceiling light material

Aluminum lamp body
The lamp body made of aluminum material is hard, durable, and resistant to aging, with fast heat dissipation and long service life, providing a safer and more durable option.

led hexagon light material

Plastic lamp body
In contrast, the plastic material is lightweight, has slow heat dissipation, and is prone to aging, resulting in shorter service life.

led hexagon lights wire

Thick electrical wire
Thicker wires have stronger heat and electricity conduction and insulation performance, which can effectively prevent the risk of current leakage and other hazards.

led hexagon light wire

Thin electrical wire
Compared to thicker wires, thin wires have weaker heat and electricity conduction, are more likely to break, and pose a higher risk of electric shock.

hex lighting LED chip

High-quality light board
The light board has texture, and the LED chips use imported high-brightness single chips, achieving 120Lm/W and a CRI of over 90.

hexagon lighting chip

Thin and soft light board
In contrast, thin and soft light boards are prone to deformation, and the lack of protective covers on the power supply inside can pose safety risks.

hexagonal led light Professional installation

Professional wiring method
The professional wiring method is more aesthetically pleasing and easy to install, providing a safer and more secure option.

led lights hexagon Professional installation

Side hole wiring
In contrast, the old-style lamps have wiring holes on the side, which are inconvenient to install and affect the aesthetics and professionalism.

led hex lights parts

Three-hole connection
The upgraded three-hole connection with a ground wire complies with international electrical standards and provides a safer and more stable option.

hexagon led lighting parts

Two-hole connection
In contrast, the traditional two-hole connection lacks a ground wire and has poor safety performance, with the connection between the connector and the lamp body prone to looseness.

Hexagonal Lighting Systems Solutions

LED honeycomb lights

Gonengo is a brand that specializes in customized solutions for LED honeycomb lights. We provide various customized technical specifications for hexlights and personalized production services.

Our professional team can design and produce high-quality, high-performance customized honeycomb lighting products according to customer requirements. We are committed to providing customers with the best lighting solutions while optimizing cost and efficiency.

  • Early Stage: Provide customized lighting layout 3D design proposals for your project.

  • Mid Stage: Provide product selection, illuminance calculation, light efficiency calculation, and overall layout configuration solution for your project.

  • Post Stage Support: Ensure production delivery time, with small orders completed within 3-5 days and large orders (500-5000 sets or more) completed within 20-30 days. Products are guaranteed for 2-5 years, and customer support will respond within 10 minutes, providing convenient after-sales services for you.

Why Work With Gonengo for Your Commercial Lighting Needs

hexagon lights

Unique design

The hexagon lights use a three-point design to determine a surface, avoiding the problem of unstable two-point connections in traditional lighting and solving the problem of poor contact.

hexagon shaped lights

Best-selling products

After long-term market testing, hexagon shaped lights have become the best-selling model among automotive detailing lights.

led honeycomb lights

Continuous innovation

The professional team at Gonengo always keeps an eye on market trends, studies the directions that you are interested in, and designs and manufactures new products to increase conversion rates, sales, and popularity.

hexagon lights garage australia

Flexible customization options

Gonengo Lighting offers professional customization services. You only need to provide the size of the area, and our team of lighting engineers can provide you with structural diagrams, renderings, and multiple matching solutions to ensure that the design matches the style of your shop, making it more worry-free for you.

hexagonal light fixture

Suitable for any scenario

Gonengo’s design solutions and product quantity can be adjusted according to the size of the area, and we offer various combinations of light colors to meet your personalized customization needs.

hexagonal ceiling light

High-performance LED chips

Our after-sales service is convenient and fast. The honeycomb light fixture chip has a lifespan of 5-8 years, and the control system has a lifespan of 2-5 years. All drivers use a modular design, so only the control system needs to be replaced to extend the lifespan of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hexagon lights

The lighting installation with a hexagonal shape is regularly alluded to as hexagon light or honeycomb LED light. These apparatuses can be custom fitted to explicit size prerequisites, are easy to understand, and can be mounted on different surfaces, with roofs being the most often involved surface for establishment.

The hexagrid LED lighting discharges a splendor of roughly 120 lumen/w, and when changed in accordance with warm white and with the brilliance expanding, honeycomb lights can enlighten a whole carport.

Indoor hexa lights are an excellent choice for adding a stylish decorative effect and ambiance to any space. They have a long lifespan, higher efficiency, and lower heat output which will help reduce energy costs. Additionally, they can be used as supplemental lighting to the main room lighting.

Usually, warm white has a color temperature of 3500K, which is suitable for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in places like bedrooms and studies. The choice of color temperature depends on personal preferences and usage.

Yes, honeycomb LED lights can be customized to suit your specific design needs. You can choose the size, color, and material of the lights, and even create a unique configuration that complements your space.

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