hexagon lights Customer Cases

Design solutions for hexagon lights in different projects

We provide professional design solutions for hexagonal lighting for different projects. Our team of experts is dedicated to creating unique and personalized lighting designs by combining brightness, color, and light angles to add an artistic and visual impact to your space. Let us help you design the perfect hexa light solution for your project.

South Korea car wash shop design
Costa Rica car workshop design
US detailing shop design
Saudi Arabia auto repair shop design
South Africa auto shop design
UK car showroom design
Belgium garage design
Ukraine auto body shop design

Hexagon Lights Industry Applications

The hexagon lights are widely applicable in various locations such as car showrooms, garages, car wash shops, auto repair shops, gyms, supermarkets, hair salons, personal training studios, and other places.

car showroom


car wash shop

auto repair shop

hair salon
personal training studio

Customer Cases from around the Globe

Qatar customer garage
Indonesia customer restaurant
Malaysia customer supermarket
Australia customer garage
Germany customer supermarket
Japan customer gym
France customer hair salon
Ukraine customer counter shoe store
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