Gonengo Lighting prides itself on having a team of specialized professionals in the business of LED lighting. Our team of experts works closely with customers to design and create high-quality LED lighting solutions for the automotive aftermarket industry. Our products include automotive workshop lights, car repair workshop lights, car care workshop lights, and car wash workshop lights, tailored to meet the exact needs and requirements of our clients.

Our research and development team, consisting of over thirty people with advanced degrees and expertise in LED lighting technology, ensures that our products are innovative and of the highest quality We strive to approach LED lighting with passion, respect, and innovation while having fun in the process.

Located in Zhongshan, our factory works tirelessly to ensure that our partners’ online presence, product packaging, brand, and product adhere powerfully to their message and company values.

With some of the best networks in the business, our sourcing teams ensure that only the highest quality materials are used in our LED lighting products while keeping pricing competitive across the board. Our goal is to create useful, innovative, fun LED lighting products with unmatched service for customers worldwide.


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