Car care workshop light

LED Car Workshop Light Fabrication Manufacturer
As a well-known brand in the lighting industry for car care workshop lighting, Gonengo provides the best lighting solutions for car detailing and maintenance.

LED Car Workshop Light Fabrication Manufacturer
As a well-known brand in the lighting industry for car care workshop lighting, Gonengo provides the best lighting solutions for car detailing and maintenance.

Your Car Care workshop Light Supplier

The Gonengo series of detailing garage lights are designed to restore the original color of the car’s paint, enabling technicians to work efficiently and deliver satisfactory results to customers. We provide OEM/ODM customization services, and professional lighting solutions, and utilize lighting to help increase effective customer flow. We adhere to a customer-oriented approach, continuously innovating our products and technology to meet the diverse needs of each user and provide you with satisfactory service.

Provide Professional Lighting Layout 3D Design Solutions for Your Project

Our professional team of 3D designers can offer comprehensive lighting and layout design solutions for your project, tailored to meet your specific lighting requirements with exceptional precision and accuracy. Based on your space size and area dimensions, we can provide innovative design solutions that perfectly match your style. All of our services are free of charge, so please feel free to contact our team if you have any requirements.

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LED workshop lights
workshop lights
LED workshop light
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Car care workshop Light Applications

The car care workshop light is widely applicable in various locations such as garages, car washes, auto detailing shops, auto repair factories, hair salons, game rooms, gyms, exhibition halls, supermarkets, restaurants, and other places.

Customer Cases from around the Globe

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4 Key Benefits of Auto Detailing Lighting

Unique Design

The auto detailing lights feature unique designs that include straight, curved, diamond-shaped, brick-shaped, and arched patterns. This not only enhances the visual appeal of the lighting but also provides functional advantages by offering different lighting angles and coverage areas.


Our professional design team supports size customization, where customers only need to provide the site size, and our sales engineers can adjust the lighting design, providing structural layout or 3D rendering. Additionally, we support laser marking to meet customers' personalized needs.

Cost Savings

We adopt a DIY assembly mode, standardized factory production, and provide installation guidance and video demonstrations, enabling customers to save more than 60% on labor and capital investment compared to traditional decoration.

Intellectual Property

All of our detailing light products enjoy structural and appearance patent protection, and the trademark "Gonengo" has been registered to prevent imitation and competition within the industry.

Car detailing lights is available in various models and sizes

Chip: Epistar
Material: aluminum lamp body, PVC cover
Light color: white (6500K), and for the 2cm wide light: warm white (3500K), blue, pink
Power: 24w/m, 384w, 512w, 552w, 680w
LED beads: 2835 SMD, 0.5W/LED (2cm), 1.5W/LED (4cm)
Width: 2cm, 4cm
Size: 2cm*(40cm, 60cm, 120cm), 4cm*280cm
Space size: 2433mm*4840mm, size can be customized
Installation method: surface installation, suspension installation

car detailing light

Customizable Brightness:

To satisfy the lighting needs of various needs and settings, car care workshop lights employ cutting-edge dimming technology that enables three adjustable brightness levels: 30%, 60%, and 100%.

It is possible to get the ideal lighting effect by flexibly altering the light intensity. For instance, a higher brightness level might be chosen when performing fine work to ensure enough illumination and increase job productivity and accuracy.

Lower brightness levels can be chosen to produce a soft lighting effect and improve client comfort while creating a warm and welcoming environment.

For your automobile washing and maintenance needs, an LED auto detailing light offers a dependable and high-performance illumination solution.
(2cm wide light tubes)

Configurable Color Temperature:

The goal of the beauty industry is to assist clients to unwind and feel pampered by creating the ideal environment. Having the appropriate illumination is important in doing this. The vehicle detailing shop light fills that role, and our model includes a cutting-edge function: programmable color temperature. You can effortlessly alter the lighting with selections of 6500K, 3000K, and 4500K to suit various settings and moods.

The 6500K color temperature is appropriate for usage in locations like automobile dealerships, car washes, and auto cleaning shops because it is ideal for high-brightness and high-clarity situations.

The 3000K color temperature, on the other hand, is ideal for producing a warm and cozy ambiance, making it ideal for spaces like bedrooms and living rooms. With this environment, you can make your clients feel more comfortable and at peace by calming and relaxing them.

The 4500K color temperature is a flexible choice that may be applied in offices, conference rooms, and other professional settings benefit greatly from the balanced brightness and clarity that this color temperature offers.

In conclusion, it will undoubtedly be a useful addition to your beauty station because of its cutting-edge features and premium construction.
(2cm wide light bars)

The Main Features of Auto Detail Shop Lighting:

Car care workshop lights combine aesthetic and practical value, placing you at the forefront of the automotive detailing and maintenance industry. Characteristics of this product series are as follows:
1. High quality: The lamp body is made of aerospace aluminum material, which is not easy to deform, moisture-proof and rust-proof, ensuring the product’s lifespan and observability.
2. High brightness and pure color temperature: The detailing garage lighting has a CCT of 6500K, providing high-brightness lighting effects to make your work more efficient.
3. Ultra-long lifespan: The lifespan of the auto repair shop lighting is up to 50,000 hours, which reduces the frequency of replacement and lowers the usage cost.
4. The auto detailing light adopts LED chips with no visible flicker, which protects your eyes and makes your work more comfortable.
5. Worry-free after-sales service: The LED workshop lights provide a 2-5 year warranty, ensuring worry-free usage.
In summary, Gonengo workshop lights are high-quality, high-performance, and long-lasting products that provide you with a better user experience and higher work efficiency.

Safety of Car Care Workshop Light

Our car care workshop light product is designed with the highest level of safety in mind and is certified with various credentials to demonstrate our commitment to this priority.

We subject all of our products to rigorous testing and evaluation processes before they are released to the market, to ensure that they meet the highest safety standards.

We aim to provide our customers with the assurance of a secure working environment, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are using reliable and safe lighting solutions.

Certifications of Detailing Lights:
1. Patents for invention and utility model certificates
2. UL, ROHS, and ISO certifications in Europe and America
3. CB and SAA certifications in North America
4. PSE certification in Japan

LED Workshop Lights Solutions

workshop lights
LED workshop light

We offer customized car care workshop light products that can be designed and produced according to your specific needs. Our professional team will work closely with you to develop the optimal lighting solution and customize the lighting technology specifications to ensure exceptional lighting effects and safety assurance for your business. Our customized production services will ensure that the products meet your requirements and standards, providing the best solution for your enterprise.

  • Early Stage: Provide customized lighting layout 3D design proposals for your project.

  • Mid Stage: Provide product selection, illuminance calculation, light efficiency calculation, and overall layout configuration solution for your project.

  • Post Stage Support: Ensure production delivery time, with small orders completed within 3-5 days and large orders (500-5000 sets or more) completed within 20-30 days. Products are guaranteed for 2-5 years, and customer support will respond within 10 minutes, providing convenient after-sales services for you.

Why Work With Gonengo for Your Car Dealership Lighting Needs

Stylish Visual Effects

The unique design of the shape and light effects create a high-end and stylish visual effect, giving people a futuristic atmosphere.

Super Bright

With high-brightness LED chips of CCT value 6500K, it provides super brightness, making it a bright and comfortable working environment for detailers. This improves work efficiency and accuracy. At the same time, the high brightness also reduces eye fatigue and visual fatigue, protecting the health of detailers.

detailing lights

High Color Rendering Index

With upgraded optical lenses, the color rendering index is as high as 90 or above. The light is bright, dissipates heat quickly, has low light decay, is energy-saving and durable, and the light color is even, transparent, and bright, comparable to natural light sources.

lighting for car detailing

Multiple Choices

Gonengo has independently designed and developed up to 80 workshop lights LED, providing multiple matching solutions for different workstations and customer groups.

car detailing lights

Market Control

The company adopts a regional agency system, providing all dealers with a unified price list, product catalog, and authorization letter. Free training is provided to all installation and sales personnel of dealers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Care Workshop Light

Car detailing and mechanic work often require a crisp, clear light - making the high CRI range perfect for the task at hand. The higher the CRI rating, the better the color rendering ability.

A color temperature of 5000K to 6500K is recommended for car workshop light as it provides a bright, cool white light that mimics natural daylight. This color temperature is ideal for providing good visibility and accurate color rendering, which is important for car detailing and paint work.

Yes, many best LED workshop lights can be dimmed using a compatible dimmer switch. This allows for greater control over the lighting levels in the workshop and can help to reduce energy consumption when full brightness is not required.

The lifespan of LED auto detailing lights depends on the type and quality of the light. LED lights have a longer lifespan than traditional lighting sources and can last up to 50,000 hours or more. It is important to choose high-quality, reliable lighting products to ensure a long lifespan and minimize maintenance and replacement costs.

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