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Gonengo is a leading manufacturer of frameless aluminum ceiling light boxes, offering professional custom solutions for your ceiling light box manufacturing needs. You can trust Gonengo to provide you with a professional manufacturer to meet your needs.

Your Light Ceiling Box Supplier

Our box ceiling light has excellent quality and uses the latest technological innovations and improved products. We are committed to providing customers with excellent service and high-quality products to ensure their satisfaction and trust. Our professional team will provide you with customized solutions to meet your specific needs. If you need high-quality box lights for the ceilings and a reliable supplier, choose Gonengo.

Provide Professional Lighting Layout 3D Design Solutions for Your Project

Our professional team of 3D designers can offer comprehensive lighting and layout design solutions for your project, tailored to meet your specific lighting requirements with exceptional precision and accuracy. Based on your space size and area dimensions, we can provide innovative design solutions that perfectly match your style. All of our services are free of charge, so please feel free to contact our team if you have any requirements.

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Ceiling Light Box Applications

The stretch ceiling light box is widely applicable in various locations such as garages, car washes, auto detailing shops, auto repair factories, hair salons, game rooms, gyms, exhibition halls, supermarkets, restaurants, and other places.

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4 Key Benefits of Boxed Ceiling Lights

Visual Effect

Customizable in any size, creating a fashion-forward and high-end visual effect, immersing people in a futuristic space, and effortlessly increasing foot traffic to your storefront.

Brightness Upgrade

Equipped with newly upgraded diffuse light strips, each LED light emits a 180° angle of light, ensuring no dark areas in the light box, wider and brighter illumination, and more stable performance.

High-Quality Aluminum

Industrial-grade aluminum profiles with surface oxidation treatment and cutting-edge technology, carefully selected materials, and exquisite cutting to pursue high quality and durability.

Convenient After-Sales Service

The product chip lifespan is 5-8 years and the control system lifespan is 2-4 years. The drive is designed for splicing, allowing for easy replacement of the control system and an increase in product lifespan.

Light Box Ceiling is available in various models and sizes

Chip: Epistar
LED chip (2cm): 2835 SMD, 1.5W/LED
Material: Aluminum + UV Film
Voltage: AC100-220V
Luminous Flux: 110-120lm/w
CCT: 6500K (White)
Power: 1000W
Waterproof rating: IP54
Space dimension: 160cm*400cm, dimensions can be customized.

light box ceiling
ceiling LED light box

The Design Plan Offers Diversity

The ceiling box LED light and floodlights used together can enhance the brightness of the lighting.

Combination 1: ceiling box light and three-color floodlights with options of 3000K/4000K/6500K color temperature for flexible switching.

Combination 2: ceiling light box and two-color floodlights with 6500K (white) and 3000K (warm white). The matching floodlights can display the true condition of the paint surface, making subtle defects such as spiral patterns that are invisible to the naked eye indoors become visible.

The LED light with multiple high color rendering indices is converted into natural light with different color temperatures. By combining optical design, the similarity to natural light can reach 96%.

The Main Features of the Ceiling LED Light Box

  1. Upgraded light source.
  2. Even brightness.
  3. Guaranteed quality.
  4. Professional cutting technology.
  5. Soft film card slot, easy-to-change posters.
  6. High-quality electroplated oxidized aluminum profile.
  7. Equipped with 12 floodlights for brighter illumination.
stretch ceiling light box
LED box ceiling lights

High-Quality UV Film

The LED box ceiling lights use UV film as the material, which has multiple advantages.

Firstly, UV film has high light transmittance and high reflectivity, which can enhance the light efficiency and brightness of the ceiling light box, making the lighting effect more bright and uniform.

Secondly, UV film also has characteristics such as UV resistance and anti-static, which can effectively extend the service life of the LED box light ceiling and reduce maintenance costs.

In addition, UV film also has properties such as fire resistance, water resistance, and pollution resistance, which can improve the safety and environmental protection of the LED ceiling light box.

Therefore, ceiling box lighting that uses UV film material not only enhances the lighting effect, but also reduces the use and maintenance costs, and has a wide range of applications.

Layered Display of Ceiling Box for Light

Aluminum LED Light Box for Ceiling Internal Structure Includes:
1. LED diffused lens lamp
2. Backlight board
3. Soft film advertisement
4. Built-in power supply
5. Aluminum material

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Suspended Ceiling Light Box Solutions

Suspended Ceiling Light Box
recessed ceiling box lightingg

Our recessed ceiling box lighting has excellent quality and uses the latest technological innovations and improved products. We are committed to providing customers with excellent service and high-quality products to ensure their satisfaction and trust. Our professional team will provide you with customized solutions to meet your specific needs. If you need high-quality box lights for the ceiling and a reliable supplier, choose Gonengo.

  • Early Stage: Provide customized lighting layout 3D design proposals for your project.

  • Mid Stage: Provide product selection, illuminance calculation, light efficiency calculation, and overall layout configuration solution for your project.

  • Post Stage Support: Ensure production delivery time, with small orders completed within 3-5 days and large orders (500-5000 sets or more) completed within 20-30 days. Products are guaranteed for 2-5 years, and customer support will respond within 10 minutes, providing convenient after-sales services for you.

Why Choose Gonengo for Your DIY Ceiling Light Box Needs

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Super Bright

Our ceiling lighting box has a color temperature of 6500K, which provides bright and clear lighting that is suitable for a variety of scenarios.

Strong Waterproof Performance

Our recessed ceiling box lighting has a strong waterproof performance with an IP54 rating.  It can be used in various environments such as stadiums, clothing stores, and industrial workshops, providing reliable lighting solutions for both residential and commercial applications.

box LED light for ceiling

Easy Installation

Our box LED light for ceiling comes with installation instructions, video tutorials, and one-on-one guidance from our engineers to ensure a hassle-free installation process.

ceiling light box

Widely Used

Ceiling light boxes have a wide range of applications, not only in the automotive aftermarkets lighting industry, such as garages, auto body shops, auto detailing shops, auto repair shops, and car workshops, but also in other scenes, such as supermarkets, showrooms, shops, catwalk venues, and clothing stores. Its versatility and adaptability make it a popular choice for various lighting needs.

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Long Lifespan

Our customized ceiling light box is crafted with utmost care using top-quality industrial aluminum profiles that are carefully chosen and subjected to advanced surface oxidation technology. Our light-in-the-box ceiling lights boast exceptional longevity, withstanding up to 50,000 hours of continuous use thanks to precise cutting and attention to detail. We’re proud to offer ceiling boxes for lights with unparalleled quality and precision, catering to the specific needs and requirements of our valued customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ceiling Light Box

A dropped ceiling light box kit is a type of lighting fixture designed to provide effective ambient lighting. It is engineered to deliver optimal light levels both at floor level and product level, without causing unsightly flickering or glare.

When positioning a ceiling light square box in a living room, it is generally recommended to place the fixture in the center of the room. This is typically the same area where the coffee table is located, making it a great spot for ceiling light box types.

While we recommend hiring a licensed electrician for new light fixture installations, replacing an existing ceiling light fixture is typically a project that can be done by oneself with a few basic tools.

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