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Gonengo is a manufacturer specializing in the production of ceiling light panels. Our LED ceiling panel lights meet international standards regarding materials, colors, wattage, efficiency, and more. As such, we are a reliable supplier that you can trust.

Your Ceiling Light Panel Supplier

Gonengo offers OEM and ODM services to various industries. We focus on customer satisfaction and our team is committed to continuous innovation in technology and design to provide a wide range of products that meet customer needs. We only use the highest quality materials and follow strict quality control standards to ensure that our lighting for drop ceiling panels is safe, reliable, and energy-efficient. We are confident that we can meet all your LED panel light ceiling lighting needs.

Provide Professional Lighting Layout 3D Design Solutions for Your Project

Our professional team of 3D designers can offer comprehensive lighting and layout design solutions for your project, tailored to meet your specific lighting requirements with exceptional precision and accuracy. Based on your space size and area dimensions, we can provide innovative design solutions that perfectly match your style. All of our services are free of charge, so please feel free to contact our team if you have any requirements.

More Customer Case Design Solutions:

light in the box ceiling lights
LED ceiling light box
led light box for ceiling

LED Ceiling Panel Lights Applications

LED panel ceiling lights are widely applicable in various locations such as garages, car washes, auto detailing shops, auto repair factories, hair salons, game rooms, gyms, exhibition halls, supermarkets, restaurants, and other places.

ceiling light panels
LED Ceiling Panel Lights
lighting for drop ceiling panels
LED ceiling light panels

Customer Cases from around the Globe

2x4 drop ceiling light panels

4 Key Benefits of Ceiling Light Panels

Visual Effects

Using mainstream simple white or black color schemes, combined with the industrial site, a set of ceiling panel lights can enhance the image of professional shops and create a clear hierarchy of high-end industrial beauty film coating workstations.

Customized Design Service

Support size customization. Customers only need to provide site size, and sales engineers can tailor it to customers, and can also add their own logos to shape their image and brand.

Energy Saving

Using imported chips and self-developed LED drivers with high energy efficiency, coupled with the entire lamp brightness of 120ml/w which is 60% more energy efficient than traditional lamps, the light restoration of the paint surface reaches over 96%, and there are no shadows in the illuminated area. This is a professional energy-saving solution.

Stable and Practical Structure

The main material of the lamp holder is aluminum alloy, and the main body of the lamp is made of an efficient fiber circuit board. It uses imported chips and high-energy self-branded drivers, PVC light guide mirror, and ACET composite materials, and has an anti-oxidation design. Its lifespan can last for more than 5 years.

Light panel ceiling is available in various models and sizes

Chip: Epistar
LED chip: 2835 SMD,1.5W/LED
Material: Aluminum lamp body, PVC cover
Light color: White (6500K), Warm white (3500K)
Wattage: 720w, 960w, 1020w, 1320w, 1360w
Width: from 40mm to 240mm.
Space size: 183cm*365cm, 181.5cm* 485cm, 243.5cm*364.6cm, 242cm*485cm
Size can be customized.

light panel ceiling
LED light panels

Advanced Lighting Control System

LED light panels ceiling adopts an advanced control system, which can freely adjust five color temperatures: the remote control or screen control can adjust five color temperature modes, including 6500K, 5000K, 4000K, 3500K, and 3000K.

Each color temperature suits different scenes, such as 6500K for film coating, 5000K for the color change, 4000K for polishing, 3500K for plating, and 3000K for inspection.

(Model: ZG/E2016, ZG/E3016-12B)

The Main Features of the Ceiling Light Panels Include

1. Aerospace aluminum lamp body shell: Made of aerospace aluminum material, it is corrosion-resistant, durable, lightweight, safe, rust-proof, moisture-proof, and has a design lifespan of more than 5 years with anti-oxidation properties.
2. Bright and high-transparency light cover: The high-transparency lampshade has uniform light transmission, uses high-polymer PMMA material with a frosted texture, robust light transmission, is sealed against dust and dirt, bright and comfortable light color, and is easy to clean and maintain.
3. Super-bright imported LED chips: Using specially imported high-quality LED chips, each watt can reach 120Lm brightness, with a color rendering index of over 95, high brightness and fast heat dissipation, and no visible flicker.
4. Durable and lightweight: High-quality electroplated oxidized aluminum profiles, durable and thickened, with good load-bearing and strong texture, not easily deformed, and lightweight and safe.
5. Screw rod suspension, easy installation: Using screw rod suspension, the lamp can be spliced and connected through quick insertion, saving time and effort.
Integrated sealing design: Preventing water vapor invasion, while avoiding mosquitoes and dust entering, blocking light.

2x4 led drop ceiling light panels

Safety of Ceiling Light Panel Products

Our LED ceiling light panels have passed a variety of certifications in Europe and America. These certifications are a testament to the high quality and reliability of our products, ensuring that our LED light panels meet international standards for safety, performance, and energy efficiency. With our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, you can trust that our panel ceiling lights will provide superior lighting solutions for your space.

Certification includes:
1. Patents for invention and utility model certificates
2. ISO certifications in Europe and America

LED Light Panel Ceiling Solutions

LED Light Panel Ceiling
lighted ceiling panels

Our customized ceiling light panel solutions provide personalized lighting technology specifications and production services to cater to the specific requirements of diverse industries. We specialize in the production of lighted ceiling panels and offer OEM and ODM services to various industries.

We take pride in producing high-quality products and focus on customer satisfaction. Our team is committed to continuous innovation in technology and design to provide a wide range of products that meet customer needs. We only use the highest quality materials and follow strict quality control standards to ensure that our lighting for drop ceiling panels is safe, reliable, and energy-efficient.

Additionally, we provide excellent customer service and support, working closely with customers to ensure that their needs are met. Gonengo is confident that they can meet all your LED panel light ceiling lighting needs.

  • Early Stage: Provide customized lighting layout 3D design proposals for your project.

  • Mid Stage: Provide product selection, illuminance calculation, light efficiency calculation, and overall layout configuration solution for your project.

  • Post Stage Support: Ensure production delivery time, with small orders completed within 3-5 days and large orders (500-5000 sets or more) completed within 20-30 days. Products are guaranteed for 2-5 years, and customer support will respond within 10 minutes, providing convenient after-sales services for you.

Why Choose Gonengo to Meet Your Ceiling Panel Lighting Needs

High Quality

Our ceiling panel light has been on the market for over 6 years, with high lumens and high energy efficiency, as evidenced by numerous sample shops since 2015. Our suspended ceiling light panels are of dependable quality.

Low Light Decay

Our LED drop ceiling light panels operate on constant current, converting AC directly into DC to effectively reduce LED light decay. The LED power design has a margin of more than 20%, ensuring its reliability. Good heat dissipation conditions and lower operating temperatures contribute to a longer lifespan.

2x2 LED drop ceiling light panels

Professional Service

We provide design drawings or 3D rendering that match the style of your storefront before construction and offer professional lighting solutions.

2x4 LED ceiling light panel

Hassle-Free Post-Sale Support

Our team of experts provides efficient and effective service globally. The driver is equipped with a DC external interface for easy maintenance and replacement.

Market Control

The company’s development is mainly based on a regional agency system, providing all distributors with a unified price list, product catalog, and authorization letter. Free training is provided to all installation and sales personnel of our distributors.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ceiling Light Panels

Flat panel ceiling lights are thin, lightweight sheets that are designed to fit into a suspended ceiling grid. Also known as LED light guide panels, flat panel LED ceiling lights are one of today's newest and most innovative forms of LED lighting.

Because of its increased endurance when compared to conventional ceiling materials, it is thought to be a preferable option. It won't bend or warp and can survive for years. In addition, unlike POP ceilings, which can be harmed while handling, PC panels are not brittle.

Drop ceiling LED light panels have a number of advantages, such as better lighting performance, less glare, and energy savings. Besides, they contribute to a more even and aesthetically beautiful lighting distribution and aid in hiding any unsightly ceiling wiring or fixtures. Additionally, ceiling light fixture panels can be made to order to match the style of a room, enhancing its overall attractiveness.

It can be a straightforward process to install ceiling light panels into a suspended ceiling grid. The panels can be readily cut to size if necessary and are designed to fit into the grid. Some panel types can also be surface-mounted to a wall or ceiling without a grid.

Yes, ceiling mounted LED panel lights can be modified to fit a room's decor or to satisfy particular lighting needs. Size, shape, color, and the ability to apply logos or designs on the panel surface are all choices for customization.

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