OEM process


Gonengo Lighting’s original design manufacturing provides you with excellent service, quality product development, and cost-effective project management to create your very own brand. We stand side by side with each of our business partners in achieving your business goals in the rapid evolution of today’s market. From the formulation of each product line to the launch day we guide you while creating your brand and your products from scratch.


According to your specifications and style, you will have a selection of off-the-shelf products or your unique product proposal. With our OEM and bespoke business models. We have your needs met in the product proposal, no matter how grand or tiny the change of product. Whether starting fresh or an already established brand with large demands, we have got you covered.

  • Design: Our professional team of experienced designers and engineers provide customers with structure layout plans and 3D renderings of our hexagon LED lights based on their requirements, ensuring that the design plans meet clients’ needs.
  • Manufacturing: After approval of the design plan, we begin the manufacturing process, including sourcing necessary materials and components, managing the production process, and ensuring that the quality of our LED hexagon lights meets customers’ requirements.
  • Packaging and branding: To ensure that the products are sold under the customers’ brand name, we provide customized packaging and branding support. We also ensure that the products are delivered on time after packaging and shipping.
  • After-sale support: We provide comprehensive after-sale support to each client, including warranty repairs and technical assistance. This ensures that the final products are of high quality and meet clients’ needs.

No matter how large or small your ambitions are, at Gonengo Lighting we make them a reality. Send an inquiry to let our team know how we can best help you.


We are here for all your business needs and questions.
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