Create a Shopping Haven with the Chic Hexagon Light By Gonengo


Are you looking to create an extraordinary shopping experience for your customers? Wanna add a touch of fascination and excellence to your supermarket? Wanna create a cozy atmosphere for your customers? Let’s find a way to make it for your customers. For each supermarket owner, the environment is one of the important aspects of a supermarket’s running. It’s about both attractions and functions. Lighting is a symbolic aspect of the shopping environment. It is also one of the most effective ways to create a remarkable shopping experience for customers. That’s why Gonengo hexagon light comes into your supermarket game.


Hexagon Ceiling Lights for supermarket

What are Hexagon Ceiling Lights?


Gonengo hexagon ceiling lights are a type of lighting of hexagonal shape or honeycomb pattern. These honeycomb light fixtures can be installed on ceilings. They have a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. And our hexagonal lighting become a big trend for supermarkets. They provide a bright or colorful lighting environment for supermarkets so that you can create what atmosphere you want for your customers while upgrading the appearance of your shop.


honeycomb led lights for supermarket

Why Gonengo Hexagon Ceiling Lights In Your Supermarket Is The NO.1 Choice?


As the original designer and manufacturer of led hex lights, we provide a whole set of high-tech systems for our hex LED lights, high-quality material from lighting tubes to imported LED lighting chips, perfect sale service and after-sale service. We also provide the best lighting solutions or customized lighting solutions to meet different clients’ specific needs. For the purpose of saving customers’ energy bills, our honeycomb led lights are made of a high-technology of energy-saving control system. This system consumes less energy than any other traditional lights helping you reduce your energy consumption and save energy costs.


honeycomb lights for supermarket


Our hexagon led lighting has an adjustable color temperature type, a customized color type, a standard bright white type and a color-changing type. For the adjustable color temperature type, there is 3 level of color temperature and you can change it from 3500K to 6500K. For the customized color type, we provide lots of colors to meet your unique preferences so that you can choose colors for your needs. We also have a typical bright white type; it is 6500K ultra bright white and can help provide you with a good lighting effect.


hexagonal LED lights for supermarket


Moreover, the color-changing type also called LED RGB hexagon lights, are the latest supermarket craze. Depending on your mood, it can easily change a single color in your needs or multi-color mode. As professional lighting manufacturers, we do not only provide color customization of our hex grid lights. We also provide the customization of shapes and sizes. You can choose the best lighting solution from us that meet your specific requirements and create an excellent shopping haven for your customers. Our LED lights hexagon are made of high-quality materials and high technology and are equipped with safety voltage. These all make the lifespan of our lights longer than traditional lights.


hexagonal LED lights for supermarket


We ensure that our hexagon lights for the ceiling do not need to replace frequently and save your lighting costs for a long time. That’s the reason why our hexagon ceiling lights for each supermarket are the best choice to help each owner to create an excellent lighting environment in their own supermarkets and help them decrease their energy bills.


How to Use Hexagon Ceiling Lights in Your Supermarket?


For passageways, lighting up our hexagrid lights is a good choice. They create a bright lighting environment for customers that make it easy to guide the shop for customers.


For checkout areas, creating a visible and fashionable attractive environment, our honeycomb LED lighting is a good try. It will impress your customers and make them feel welcome in your shop. For produce sections, our hex lighting can help highlight the natural colors and appearances of your products in the produce section. And it will create a visibly fantastic display to customers, attract their attention and increase your sales.


Creating a warm, cozy and welcoming atmosphere in your supermarket, it would make your customers enjoy their shopping and encourage them to spend more time shopping and increase your product sales.


hexagonal LED lights for supermarket



With the purpose of helping each one of our customers to retain your existing customers and increase the new customers’ volume, our honeycomb LED light is the perfect choice to meet your unique lighting requirements. It can create a comfortable, warm and welcoming atmosphere for your customers, attract the attention of your customers, improve the promotion of your shop and increase your sales and money at a low lighting cost. Take it a try to change the appearance of your supermarket now.

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