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hexagon ceiling light for gym


Have you still settled on boring lighting in your gym for your customers? Have you still settled on average lighting in your fitness room and not changed your customers’ experiences when they are bodybuilding yet?


As lighting plays a more and more important role in creating an excellent workout environment for a gym, fitness studio or even a home gym, as a fitness studio or gym owner, you have to focus on your lighting problem in your fitness studio. If you wanna change your customers’ experiences and motivate them to push harder, Gonengo hexagonal lighting can help. Our hexagonal lighting is the best choice for each fitness room. Let’s take a try.


What is Gonengo Hexagon Ceiling Light?


Our hexagon ceiling light is a type of lighting shaped with a hexagon look and unique DIY pattern design. It has lots of sizes, colors and shapes. The hexagonal LED ceiling lights, we provide you with a highly customized lighting solution to meet your fitness room’s unique and specific requirements. Our LED hex lights can help you create an extraordinary experience for your customers to expire and motivate them.



hexagon light for fitnessroom


Why Gonengo Hexagonal Lighting In Your Gym Is The Best Choice?


Compared with traditional lights, the lifespan of our hex lights is longer than that because our hex grid lights can last up to over 5000 hours. They are made of high-quality materials such as aluminum, PC covers and imported LED chips. The most important is that our imported LED chips help our lights last in the long run. That means you don’t have to replace the lights frequently. It can help you save time and money in a long time.


Besides, we provide an innovative technology called a low energy consumption automation system in our hexagon LED lighting. That makes our lights use less energy than traditional lights. That means you don’t have to worry about your energy bills and it can help you reduce your electricity costs.


The unique design of our honeycomb LED lights sets them apart from other lighting and impresses your customers. And the distinctive touch in your fitness studio creates a passionate and activated atmosphere for each one in it. That can not only motivate your existing customers but also attract your new customers. That means our hexagon lights for wall help you increase your customer’s volume.


We also provide a perfect customized lighting solution to each one of our clients. As for colors, we have a type of single color, a standard type of bright white, a type of adjustable color temperature and a type of color-changing.


For the adjustable color temperature, we provide 3 levels of color temperature and you can change it from 3500K to 6500K. For the customized color, we provide lots of colors to meet your unique preferences so that you can choose colors in your needs, such as blue, red, yellow, green, etc. We also have a typical bright white type; it is 6500K ultra bright white and can help provide you with a good lighting effect.


Moreover, the color-changing type also called RGB Hexagon led lights, are the latest supermarket craze. Depending on your mood, it can easily change a single color or color modes in your needs or multi-color mode. You can choose the type for your needs.


hexagon led lights for gym


Our LED lights hexagon have many sizes and shapes in customized lighting solutions. You choose your ideal sizes and shapes and we will provide the best lighting solution for you. Moreover, our hexagrid lights are flexible and multi-function in many applications. They can be used in many different applications with any shape you want.



For ceiling lighting, our honeycomb light fixture is a good choice for your ceiling. They can be DIY in the shape you like to create an activated lighting effect to motivate to push your customers harder while they exercise or create a cozy atmosphere for other customers while they are focusing and relaxing.


With the precision control used by our hexagon ceiling light, you can highlight specific details of every bodybuilding area in your fitness studio. By strategically placing our honeycomb LED lighting and changing their strength, you can highlight appearances, shapes and intricate features for your fitness studio, bringing your gym to life in a way that attracts your customers’ attention.


What’s more, wall lighting is another popular usage in fitness studios. Our hexagonal lights for wall can illuminate each bodybuilding station while they are bodybuilding. Our hexagon wall lights permit specific lighting control.


We also provide you the capacity to adjust the intensity, color temperatures, and angle of the lights in your gym to create a perfect lighting effect for your customers. The level of control empowers our hex lighting we provide to help create the exact lighting setup required to capture the perfect shot. Whether you’re going for soft, diffused lighting or strong, remarkable highlights, our LED hexagon lighting provides the flexibility to achieve your preferred effect.


Hexagon Lighting for fitness room




As more and more people focus on the lighting workout environment, Gonengo honeycomb LED lighting is the best choice for each fitness studio.


Integrating our hexagonal LED light into your fitness studio is the best lighting solution to help you create an amazing and excellent lighting environment and help you provide remarkable and unforgettable experiences for your customers. You can get the power to shape the mood, highlight subject details, and create exciting visual effects for your customers. Whether you focus on pictures, the study of still life, or product photography, our hexagon lights provide endless possibilities for raising your craft.


As an owner of running a fitness studio, you’d better focus on the lighting problem in your gym. Thus, try these low energy consumption and unique shape hexagonal lights to create a motivated atmosphere or warm and cozy atmosphere for your customer to retain your existing customers and attract new customers.



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