Lighting tunnel for car polishing showroom garage light

      • Sample protocol: 1-2 days
      • Supply ability: 150,000 pcs/month
      • Response time: ≤3h
      • R&D engineer: 15
      • On-time delivery rate: 98%
      • QA/QC inspectors: 8
      • IP rating: IP54
      • Warranty: 2-5 years
      • Delivery: 5-10 days
      • Custom: OEM/ODM
      • CAD drawings or 3D renderings
      • Professional lighting solutions

    Lighting Tunnel – the ultimate lighting solution for the automotive industry. Specifically designed for car polishing, coating detailing, repair, and car wash applications, Lighting Tunnel delivers exceptional illumination for all your automotive needs.

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Lighting tunnel manufacturing:

Introducing the ultimate lighting solution for the automotive industry – Lighting Tunnel! With its innovative design, the lighting tunnel is the perfect solution for car polishing, coating detailing, repair, and car wash applications.

This state-of-the-art lighting system is specifically engineered for the automotive industry, providing optimal illumination and enhancing productivity. The unique tunnel shape allows for full coverage of the vehicle, eliminating shadows and ensuring uniform lighting from all angles.

Lighting tunnel is the perfect solution for car workshops looking to optimize their workflow and increase efficiency. Its advanced LED technology delivers bright, energy-efficient lighting that is gentle on the eyes, creating a safe and comfortable working environment for technicians.

Whether you’re a professional detailer or an automotive enthusiast, the light tunnel is a game-changer for your business. With its unparalleled illumination and exceptional design, it’s no wonder why so many car workshops are making the switch to light tunnel LED.


Lighting tunnel parameters:

Item Code ZG/E1015
Space SizeW4m*L5.37m*H2.615m
Qty/SET 5 groups
ParametersVoltage DC24V↔AC100-240V
Width100mm + 600mm
Luminous Flux110-120lm/w
CRI. >90
CCT. 6500K (White)+ 3000K (Warm )
MaterialAluminum + PC Cover


1. Each group is composed of 5 tubes, it can stand independently for the standard size, and is installed against the wall while exceeding the standard width.
2. Can be customized.



Light tunnels are versatile and can be used for a variety of scenes, including automotive shops, auto body shops, auto detailing shops, auto repair shops, car wash shops, workshops, garages, showrooms, and more.



1. The Lighting tunnel offers professional services with high-quality illumination that is non-flickering, non-glare, and non-shadow, ensuring that the body paint color remains undistorted and protected.
2. A color temperature range that is most suitable for construction is adopted, reducing visual fatigue for maintenance personnel and enhancing the natural beauty of the car.



1. DIY assembly design: You can assemble them yourself, unleash your imagination, and create various patterns that you like.
2. Cost-saving: With standardized factory production, installation instructions, and video demonstrations, customers can save more than 60% on labor and capital investment compared to traditional decoration.
3. Personalized custom design: We support size customization to meet your personalized needs.
4. Provide CAD drawings and professional lighting solutions: Customers only need to provide site dimensions and our sales engineers can design lighting adjustments, and provide structural layout drawings, or 3D renderings.


Our production capacity is

6,000 pieces per day.


OEM/ODM manufacturing capability:

We have a professional automotive beauty lighting team. We are a manufacturer of automotive beauty lighting that integrates research and development and production. We also have a united, mature, and highly standardized R&D team. We continuously challenge ourselves in the field of product innovation, striving to provide customers with innovative and reasonably designed automotive beauty lighting.


Our commitment:

We are an ODM/OEM manufacturer, and our lighting tunnel is customer-centric. Our products are designed to industry standards and are durable. We provide high-quality products and services customized to meet your personalized needs and ensure that your project has the best products and support.


Common search terms:

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Download Installation Instructions Here


led tunnel lighting


Design sketch

5 groups (Please carefully read the “Circuit Diagram” before

led tunnel lighting Circuit Diagram-1

led tunnel lighting Circuit Diagram-2


LED tunnel lighting system Parts List

1The post LED light barL:1780mm W:100mm10pieceL1
2Sloped led light barL:900mm W:100mm10pieceL2
3Top led light barL:2500mm W:100mm5pieceL3
4Driver for light bars400W5pieceD1
53-terminal quick unionOrange and gray30pieceK1
65-terminal quick unionOrange and gray10pieceK2
70.6m lighting box0.6x1.2m white &warm white20pieceH1
8Driver for lighting boxAC220v    40w40pieceD2
9Connector for lighting boxL:1.2m Gray20pieceG1
10Wires for lighting boxL:1.5m        1with240pieceX1
11Tool’s hanging board1.2m with pothook8setsW1
12Connector for Tool’s hanging boardL:1.2m Gray16pieceG2
13Towel box420x420mm4pieceW2
15Towel hanging rod setsrod*1+mounted plate*21setJ1/2
16Control System2 terminals1setJ3
17Mounted platefor light bars’ drivers10pieceG4
18Countersunk screws4x4mm for mounted plate20pieceS1
20Cushioned screw4x12mm for connectors of the top lighting box85pieceS2
21Self-tapping screw4x13mm for connectors of light bars and tool board, also towel box and other hanging rod sets155pieceZ1
22Self-tapping screw4x25mm for connectors of the lighting box150piece
23Installation instruction-1piece 


LED tunnel lighting  Technical Data

Width100mm +600mm
Luminous Flux110-120lm/w
CCT.6500K (White
MaterialAluminium+PVC cover


Assembling instruction

led tunnel lighting Assembling-1

led tunnel lighting Assembling-2

led tunnel lighting Assembling-4

led tunnel lighting Assembling-5


LED tunnel lighting Circuit diagram

There are 10 wire entries for the whole set,and each for 2 wires. Parallel connecting as follow:

led tunnel lighting Circuit Diagram-3


LED tunnel lighting Remark

1. the red wires connect with the positive pole, and the black wire connects with the negative pole;

2. each driver cannot control the light bar more than 400W;
3. this product should be installed by trained electricians;


Driver Show:

led tunnel lighting Circuit Diagram-4

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